Alliance Pharma, UK

Syntometrine Injection (Prescription-Only Medicine)

Active Ingredients:  

  • Oxytocin
  • Ergometrine maleate


  • Active management of the third stage of labour (in order to facilitate separation of the placenta and to reduce blood loss)
  • Prevention and treatment of postpartum haemorrhage associated with uterine atony

ANTEC, UK (Lanxess)

Rely+OnTM PeraSafeTM

Rely+OnTM PeraSafeTM is a high-level, fast-acting cold sterilant for medical devices and medical instruments.

Rely+On™ PeraSafe™ powder generates peracetic acid in-situ when dissolved in water. The neutral pH solution combines the biocidal efficacy of peracetic acid with excellent materials compatibility to allow repeated, rapid decontamination of pathogenic micro-organisms from heat labile, reusable medical devices and instruments.

Specifically developed and independently proven highly effective against viruses, mycobacteria, bacteria, yeasts and bacterial spores, Rely+On™ PeraSafe™ provides broad spectrum decontamination against disease-causing pathogens of concern to human health, such as HIV, Hepatitis B & C, Mycobacteria (Tuberculosis), Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Clostridium difficile, MRSA and Candida albicans.

Rely+OnTM PeraSafeTM, with its optimised corrosion inhibitor system and near neutral pH, is a suitable solution for the disinfection of endoscopes, ultra-sound probes, surgical instruments and other common reusable, heat sensitive medical devices.

Rely+OnTM PeraSafeTM is easy to prepare and is not classified as a sensitiser in both the powdered form, and the in-use dilutions. Supplied as a safe, inactive powder, Rely+OnTM PeraSafeTM is activated by simply dissolving in water.

Rely+OnTM PeraSafeTM has been formulated to include ingredients that have been carefully selected for their ability to degrade naturally within the environment. An aldehyde-free formulation gives efficacy without harm to equipment, nor health risks to staff and avoids the need for special fume extraction or waste disposal systems.


Active substance, Peracetic acid, generated in-situ (c. 0.25% w/v at 16.2g/litre); surfactants; corrosion inhibitor; excipients.

Rely+OnTM VirkonTM

Rely+OnTM VirkonTM is a high-level, rapid, user-friendly surface disinfectant. It is suitable for disinfection of surfaces that transmit infectious diseases in many environments, such as

  • Schools, preschools, infant care and child care centres
  • Pathology, clinical research laboratories and biosafety containment laboratories
  • Treatment salons
  • Medical facilities
  • Treatment of body fluid spillages
  • Food production, preparation and catering establishments
  • Hotel and residential settings
  • Transport

Rely+OnTM VirkonTM is effective against a broad range of bacteria, fungi and viruses, including Hepatitis A, B & C, HIV, MRSA, Influenza A virus, Coronavirus Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV), Coronavirus Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV), SARS-CoV-2, E. coli (ESBL), Klebsiella pneumonia (ESBL), Cocksackie Virus (HFMD).

Rely+OnTM VirkonTM is effective as determined by European EN standards (bacteria, fungicidal and virucidal efficacy data). It is also approved on U.S. EPA List N, meeting EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Rely+OnTM VirkonTM disinfects by causing widespread, irreversible damage and subsequent destruction of the microorganism. There is no evidence to suggest that bacterial disease-causing organisms develop resistance towards Rely+OnTM VirkonTM as opposed to some other disinfectant types.

Application of Rely+OnTM VirkonTM solution is especially effective for routine preventive disinfection and for terminal decontamination in an infectious disease outbreak. In medical facilities, the level of disease-causing organisms present after general cleaning can remain high enough to offer a serious disease challenge to patients and staff. In early childhood education centres, the spread of diseases such as hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD) and gastroenteritis can pose serious health risks to the young children, staff and their families. Using a disinfectant proven to be effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi, such as Rely+On™ Virkon™, is essential.

Rely+OnTM VirkonTM is easy to use. Containing a surfactant, it degreases, cleans and disinfects in one step, quickly and safely. Supplied as a space saving powder or tablet presentation, Rely+OnTM VirkonTM is convenient to store and easy to handle.

Rely+OnTM VirkonTM solution has an exceptional safety and environmental profile. It does not contain any aldehydes, phenols, hypochlorite or quaternary ammonium compounds. Rely+OnTM VirkonTM solution is non-toxic, non-sensitizing and does not cause any irritation to the skin and eyes. It produces no fumes nor offensive odour. Rely+OnTM VirkonTM solution is biodegradable and can be disposed in the normal drainage system with no negative effect on the environment.



Calperos Chewable Calcium Tablet (Phosphate binder)

Calperos chewable calcium tablet contains 1250 mg of calcium carbonate (equivalent to 500 mg of elemental calcium) in each tablet.

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body and is essential for maintaining bone and dental health. It also contributes to normal heart, muscle and nerve functions.

Calperos is administered by chewing the tablet before swallowing, hence allowing for an increased rate of absorption and better absorption of the ingested calcium carbonate.

Calperos chewable tablet when taken with food, also works as a phosphate binder. For patients with chronic kidney failure, controlling diet alone may not keep phosphate levels in the body in a healthy range. Calcium carbonate, when taken with food, helps to reduce the absorption of phosphate in the body. The phosphate in the food is bound to the phosphate binder which is then carried through the digestive tract to be eliminated from the body.

Polydexa Ear Drop (Prescription-Only Medicine)

Active Ingredients:  

  • Dexamethasone sodium metasulfobenzoate
  • Neomycin sulfate
  • Polymyxin B sulfate


  • Otitis externa with an intact tympanum, particularly infected eczema of the external auditory meatus
  • Incised acute otitis media
Vitamin D3 B.O.N. Injection 200,000 IU/ml (Prescription-Only Medicine)

Active Ingredient:   

  • Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)


  • Treatment and/or prevention of vitamin D-deficiency states

Servizio Internazionale Imballaggi Termosaldanti, Italy

Vitsorin D3 Drop 200 IU

Vitsorin D3 Drop contains vitamin D3, also known as cholecalciferol, which is the recommended form of vitamin D, providing maximal absorption.

Vitamin D contributes to normal absorption and utilisation of calcium and phosphorus. It also contributes to normal blood calcium levels. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient which our bodies need for the maintenance of normal bones, teeth, function of the immune system and plays a role in the process of cell division.

Everyone needs vitamin D, but some need it more such as children below 3 years of age. The easy-to-use Vitsorin D3 Drop provides a convenient way for busy mothers to administer to babies and young children.  It can be mixed with infant formula, and other food or drink.

Vitsorin D3 Drop does not contain preservatives or artificial colours and is suitable for babies from 2 weeks old to children 3 years of age.

Bonacal® D3 Tablet 500mg + 800IU

Bonacal® D3 is a calcium and vitamin D supplement. Each tablet contains 500 mg of elemental calcium (as 1,250 mg calcium carbonate) and 800 IU of vitamin D3.

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body. Beyond the maintenance of bone and dental health, calcium also contributes to normal heart, muscle and nerve function. Absorption of calcium in the body has been known to be the most efficient at individual doses of 500 mg of elemental calcium or less.

Vitamin D is essential for the development and maintenance of normal bones, teeth and muscle function. It also contributes to the normal function of the immune system. Bonacal® D3 tablets contain vitamin D3, the form of vitamin D that is most easily absorbed by the body.

Bonacal® D3 tablets are film-coated and hence easy to swallow. Bonacal® D3 tablets are manufactured under stringent GMP quality control, to ensure that each tablet dissolves completely and consistently after ingestion, for maximum absorption.

Bonacal® D3 is widely recommended by doctors and pharmacists to help build bone mass, and is used as an adjunct in the management of osteoporosis.


Minisun D3 Tablet 1000 IU

Minisun D3 tablets contain effective vitamin D3, also known as cholecalciferol. Cholecalciferol in Minisun D3 tablets is proven to raise the blood concentration of vitamin D to a healthy level and maintain it.

Sufficient intake of vitamin D is essential for the development and maintenance of normal bones, teeth and muscle function. Vitamin D also contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

Minisun D3 tablets are suitable for all ages including children aged 1 and above, pregnant women and the elderly. Each small-sized, fresh-tasting tablet is easy to chew or swallow.

Minisun D3 tablets are free from sugar, lactose, yeast, gluten and gelatin.