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We are a Singaporean-owned company, working hand-in-hand with international research and development manufacturers, in making available cost-effective and evidence-based products to healthcare professionals.

Since our inception in 1974, we have developed into a leading sales and marketing distributor of prescription medicines, biosecurity and personal healthcare products in Singapore.

Our current partners include Antec (Lanxess) UK, Alliance UK, Bouchara-Recordati France, S.I.I.T. S.r.l. Italy and Verman Finland.

With our established and extensive marketing and distribution network, we are constantly in search of more such products to complement our current product lines.

We welcome all enquiries seeking collaboration with our company.


Safe, effective & high-quality drugs at competitive prices

Quality Products

Products of the highest standards meeting legislative requirements

Dedicated Team

Passionate, driven & knowledgeable team of executives & medical detailers


Working closely with established pharmaceutical & biosecurity companies worldwide

Drug Safety Handling

Certified as conforming to Good Distribution Practice Guidelines by Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority

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