What We Do

What we do


On regulatory matters, we render support to all our principals, ranging from obtaining product licences (marketing authorisations) to obtaining approval for product variations from our Health Sciences Authority.

We work closely with our principals’ regulatory teams to ensure that all our products meet legislative requirements, and comply with regulations set by our Singapore Health Sciences Authority.

In sales and marketing, we have a dedicated team of executives and medical detailers calling on healthcare professionals, particularly those specializing in the therapeutic areas of endocrinology, cardiovascular, psychiatry, otolaryngology, and obstetrics and gynecology.

Our team also conducts in-services for nursing staff in endoscopy and ambulatory departments, ENT clinics, cardiac laboratories, day surgeries, and operating theatres, on the procedures in handling our high-level surface disinfectant and cold instrument sterilant biosecurity products.

Our efforts have resulted in the building up of an extensive base of customers that include public and private hospitals, specialist and general practitioner clinics, pharmacies, and research, clinical and pathology laboratories.

Storage, handling and distribution of goods, which include cold chain products, are carried out by us, and not through third parties. Our temperature-regulated warehouse facilities and all our standard operating procedures have been audited and certified by the regulatory authority as being conforming to Good Distribution Practice Guidelines.

In addition, we have jointly conducted with our international partners a comprehensive drug safety and pharmacovigilance audit to assess our compliance with worldwide laws, regulations and guidance. Any adverse events resulting from the use of our products are reported to our manufacturers and to our Health Sciences Authority for immediate remedial action. This is to ensure that our products are closely monitored to minimize the risk of any harm that may come to patients.